Single seat with very special black and white police style


Or at least it seems to absorb radar. Every time I go through a speed trap - no matter how joyously unrestrained - I just get a “tip of the hat” salute or a friendly wave. It is amazing. This is a one owner bike. Purchased new from Pacific Yamaha/BMW and they have done all the scheduled maintenance. It has never been used as a police bike. For sale because the wife says the white radio box on the back is very uncomfortable and she keeps sliding off. Actually, she has her own bike.

BMW got a lot of things right on this bike. Superbly comfortable seating position. Great for an all day ride. ✦ Excellent handling. ✦ Large lean angle before you make sparks. ✦ Six gears but you don’t often get to really enjoy 6th because it is the autobahn gear. Unlike a sport bike high gear, it more like an overdrive. Cruising at 125 or so will give you great gas mileage. The first 5 gears will take you to 170 rather quickly when you need to prove a point. Then you shift into 6th and leave the big noisy American bikes behind. ✦ Easily detachable suitcase luggage. Leave it off when not touring or take it into the motel room when you are. ✦ The locking glove box is quite deep and will hold a lot of stuff. For example, seven cans of your favourite beverage. ✦ One key fits everything.✦ Heated hand grips - the two settings are “just right”and “too hot” ✦ Easily adjustable rear suspension - just turn the knob behind the little side panel. ✦ Linked ABS brakes. These brakes are incredible. You barely have time to put your foot down. ✦ Electrically adjustable windscreen. Comes up automatically at 235 kph. Not really. That’s just a line I give the Harley guys at the lights. Seriously, the ability to hit the button and put the windscreen up when it is raining or to fine tune the airflow around your helmet to minimize wind noise, makes the ride much more enjoyable. Sometimes you want air. Sometimes you want protection (And sometimes you just want to show off the neat adjustable windscreen) ✦ Great fairing design provides lots of wind and foul weather protection. The wind tunnel work is very evident when you ride the bike. For example, the mirror pods deflect air away from your hands so your hands stay warmer and dryer. ✦ Built in fog lights. ✦ Dash mounted knob for adjusting headlight height to match load. ✦ Adjustable seat height. This is a really neat feature on a trip. Changing the angle of your knees after a couple hours is good as having a rest. ✦ Adjustable brake & clutch levers - for long or short fingers. ✦ Great gas mileage. 25 liter fuel tank. Typical around town mileage is 16 km per liter. Typical highway mileage is 20 km per liter. ✦ Lifting handle on side makes putting it on the center stand effortless. ✦ Low maintenance shaft drive means there is no chain to lube. ✦ Single side swingarm and lugnuts makes rear wheel removal simple. Easier than taking the wheel off a car because the center stand does the job of a jack.

Parts are readily available on EBAY or at the Beemerboneyard to convert this to a regular RT with passenger seat. Passenger footpeg mounts are already part of the frame. The passenger wind and rain protection on an RT is vastly superior to that of a GoldWing. Front crash bars are easily removed and the side mount could be used for frame slider or additional lighting instead. This is a fun bike to ride around. You quickly learn that visibility saves more lives than loud pipes. People see you. And then they get out of your way. It would be minimal painting to make this bike all black - and it would look great - but then it would probably lose it’s magic radar absorbing capabilities.

$12,500 (which is almost exactly half what I paid for it 56,800 km ago)
☎ 604-857-0771 ask for David
Willing to take newer BMW F650GS on trade.

And if anyone tells you that BMW’s are for old people, just point out that they can get one too when they grow up!