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    Arrow Not really a question

    But since this section of the forum is for newbies, it would be nice if the sarcastic and idiotic posters could stay out of it and leave us newbies to ask all the questions we want without feeling unwelcome. And those who want to provide serious answers would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Hello? Anyone still out there? d:

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    I actually find the new rider section to be pretty clean of derailing and spam. That is of course in contrast to the rest of the site....
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    So, is this like a complaint in the form of a question or a question in the form of a complaint?

    Quote Originally Posted by newb
    Someone who can be really annoying and stupid altho newb and noob mean diffent things newb is someone who sucks but is trying to get better altho noobs normaly ask for stuff and dont want to learn nobody likes a noob but newbs are ok to teach.

    Rider1: im pretty sure hes a newb.
    Rider2: whys that?
    Rider1: mostly cause hes about to die
    Rider2: lets go help him out
    Rider2: alright
    Newb: hey thanks can you teach me how to ride im a newb
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    Well I suggest not posting questions you know the answers to. Eg. "I have bruises on my ankles from walking on my bike, what am I doing wrong? Answer: You are hitting your cankles on your pegs, stop doing that.

    Don't take shit personally on here, meet people at the rides and then you'll come to realize most people on here are like totally super duper cool and stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spinnin View Post
    most people on here are like totally super duper cool and stuff.
    Lies. All lies.
    Too sexy for this forum.

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