KTM 450 coolant leak
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Thread: KTM 450 coolant leak

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    KTM 450 coolant leak

    Hey guys,

    I have a 01 400SX with a 450 powerup kit. I just did a new top end, and the bike runs great, but there is coolant leaking from what appears to be a weap hole on the left side, just behind the waterpump. I havent opened it up yet, but I was hoping to get some insight to what to look for. I know that some trucks have a weap hole near the water pump to let you know that the seal on the pump is gone. I just broke the bike in yesterday, and droping the oil this weekend, hoping not to see water in the oil...

    any insight would be great, thanks

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    Post pics, but that sounds like a water pump seal to me...

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    Greg's right.

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