My horn cut out on me
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Thread: My horn cut out on me

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    My horn cut out on me

    kind of went beeeeeeep bweeep bp bp bp nothing........

    think its electrical or my actually horn?

    how much are those fancy loud replace ments and who has them in stock so i can just go buy one

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    Do you have a voltmeter? just have someone press the button and measure the voltage at the pins. If it reads zero - check your fuses first. If it reads 12 your horn could be dead. It also happens that sometimes they just get a little funny due to getting wet or whatever.

    Can tire sells a pretty decent replacement horn - it's pretty loud but you have to mount it somewhere else. It's a FIAMM freeway blaster for $27.

    If it blows your fuse, you'll have to get a relay and have it wired in.
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    It's probably just a loose connection, dodgy switch or even a waterlogged relay. Check the wires with a voltmeter or 2 longer wires connected directly from the horn to the battery. If the horn beeps when wired directly, it's good. Just start by-passing things untill you find what's not working.

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    My horn did that, but I fixed it by turning the adjustment screw on it.

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