flat tire on the road
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Thread: flat tire on the road

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    flat tire on the road

    Lets hope it never happens..... but never say never. Murphies Law dictates that if it can it will. at some point. Has anyone had a flat on the road? Worst case out in the middle of nowhere? Besides a cell phone and BCAA, is there a product that one can carry to fix flats? I am wondering about those cans of inflate goop. I thought those make a hell of a mess.

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    Susan and I both carry one of these set ups

    They work like a charm for tubeless


    some use cheaper versions of the pump, I don't
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    Flat repair kits are so small these days, and work so well. While I don't use the CO2 cartridges (like Bill, I have enough room to pack a small compressor) I've used to kit many times, if only to pump up a fellow rider's tires, or to repair them. And the only maintenance required for my kit to to replace the glue/gob that I put on the worms, on an annual basis.

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    None right now...
    The same company Bill linked to also offers a Pocket kit that is really tiny, and another that is only slightly larger but comes with CO2 inflation:

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    Do a search - lots of discussion on this before.

    I had 2 flats at once near Carson (south of Mt St Helens) in a brand new tire and fixed them both roadside with a basic puncture kit and CO2 cartridges and a small hand pump. I am still running that tire. The entire kits fits under my seat the very limited space available on a VFR.

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    If you shop carfully you can piece together a repair kit to fit in the tail section of most bikes.

    I bought:

    * Scrawl & Plug inserter (smaller screwdriver style, not T-handle)
    * Plugs (5 pack)
    * Glue
    * Box Cutter (cheap & tiny 89 cent model to trim off excess plug)
    * Raleigh bicyle tire pump with built in pressure gague (small, but good to ~ 50 psi)

    It's all in a zip lock baggie bound with elastic and fits down and away in my tail section.
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    been there in the middle of montana. called BCAA which hooked us up but it's not that easy finding a sportbike tire out there.
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    do they sell everything i need at crappy tire? i love the co2 inflation thats awsume....

    hey can you use nitrogen in those? NO2 i hear costso inflates tire withthat cause it lasts longer

    Got a flat today wish i had had one... but modern motorcycles 12 and commercial saved my ass... pick me and bike up even though they were closed...

    bought the guy lunch Erin at modern rocks... also sv650 riders he has great deals on replacibles, as he races a 650 he keep most parts in stock.

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    i had a flat on granville @ 49th last thurs.. the bike started to feel like i was riding on a line separating two pieces of pavement and that is what i thought it was at first - after about 5 blocks i looked back and my rear was flat - nail in it. pulled off to the side and tried to use some re-inflator goop but it turned out that my tires are tubed so that shit didn't work. had to get it towed back to my house and removed the tire for repair.
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