should i buy this 2003 rm125?
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Thread: should i buy this 2003 rm125?

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    Exclamation should i buy this 2003 rm125?

    any feedbacks good. ok, so im gettin my first bike n this bikes wat im lookin at right now but im not sure because apparently it was raced for 2 years n then stored for 2. apparently it was bought for his son and he now rides a quad instead. asking 2000 american from me. heres the specs:
    I have put over $7,000.00 into the bike, including: Full Devol Suspension, Bill's Pipe & Silencer, Renthal Sprocket & Chain, Anodized Blue Rims with Yellow Powder Coated Hubs, After Market Plastics & Acerbis Hand Guards, N-Style Grip Seat, TAG Metal Handle Bars, Triple Clamp's, Michelin Tires with 3/4 tread, all Frame and Brake Guards, and Top End work done prior to parking with only 1 hour on engine.

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    I dunno, but now that I saw your avatar, I can't wait to strap my board back on. lol
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    lol i no hey? im hitting the whistler glacier up sometime in june or july

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    dont worry about the bike being raced. races tend to maintain thier bikes better then off road guys. I race and everyone I know that races take such good care of our bikes. I would never buy a bike thats been ridden mainly offroad.

    the bike looks clean. are you able to see the bike in person before paying for it? I would start it and ride it for 5 min first. check everything you can think of. pop the rad cap and check coolant level, verify that there is oil in the bike. ask how they stored it and if they stabilized the fuel first or just left whatever ws in there. with the bike on a stand and theback tire hanging free, lift the tire by the rim and see if there is any play before you lift the bike. if there is then the linkage is toast. check side to side movement on both tires, if there is freeplay then the wheel bearings are toast. can you start the bike with your hand? if so, then the top end is toast, and hes lying to you about the dont buy it.

    if all that checks out, buy it

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