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    emoticons? Butticons!

    We all know those cute symbols made with keyboard characters called "emoticons". For instance:
    means a smile
    is a sad face
    Sometimes a nose is drawn into the symbol: :-)

    But, have you heard about BUTTICONS?

    (_!_) normal ass
    (_._) virgin ass
    (_*_) wiped ass
    (_O_) Homosexual ass
    (_x_) tight ass
    (_$_) valuable ass
    [_T_] square ass
    (_:_) mondo weird ass
    (_@_) cyberass
    (_?_) mystery ass
    (_#_) hurt ass
    (___i___) fat ass

    ( o )( o ) perfect tits
    (*)(*) perky nippled tits
    (@)(@) big nippled tits
    (oYo) push-up tits
    (^)(^) cold tits
    (o)(O) uneven tits
    (p)(q) tits'n'streamers
    (o: )( o) tits bitten by a vampire
    /o\ /o\ grannie's tits
    ( - )( - ) tits slammed against the shower door
    |oo| borg tits
    ()() Elle McPherson tits
    ( o Y o ) Playmate tits
    (.)(.)(.) Alien tits
    ( + )( + ) fake silicone tits

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    Black? Red? Both?
    you forgot a butt... one for the guys...

    (_Y_) <--- thong :P
    (_T_) <--- variation

    Don't ride mad... Relax and you'll live longer...

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