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Thread: Ringing sound

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    Ringing sound

    I have a 97 zx6, and i've started to notice that when i corner at high speed, i hear a ringing sounds from the front wheel. as soon as i ride straight, it goes away. i'm thinking maybe my calipers rubbing or possibly my wheel bearings starting to go. if it is my bearings, how big of a job is this for me to do, or should i even attempt it?
    any thoughts on this?

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    check first if it's not just your chain "asking" to be tightened.

    if it's comming from front wheel 100%, my next guess would be either loose fender bolt or one of the lines(brake, speedo) rattling around.

    Either way, it's most probably something simple.

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    I wanna say calipers too, but I have absolutely nothing to back that up or any advice on how to confirm that fact :/

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    sometimes the mechanical drive at the back of the tach/speedo on older bikes will squeal at high speed too. WD 40. but if you are sure its only in cornering prob not. wheel bearing is not hard to do if that is what it is, just read the manual. get some dowels or drifts.
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