Front Fork Seals Problem
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Thread: Front Fork Seals Problem

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    Front Fork Seals Problem

    Ok... redoing the front fork seals on an 87 FZ 750. We have the fork out, the bolt in the bottom is out, we removed the dust seal cover and the circlip from the top, the upper fork tube slides freely.

    The repair manual says to work the tube back and forth a few times to separate the fork tube assemblies. We tried that, nothing. Well, the damper rod and spring came flying out, but the upper fork still won't come out.

    How can I get the upper fork out? It impacts with a metal on metal sound when we try to pull with any force... should I just pull harder, or is there a trick to it i don't know? Thanks.

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    I am thinking somthing along the lines of a Slide hammer.... but i could be wrong...

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    Ok, got it. Just went for it and slide hammered it out of there, done! Thanks

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