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    Class 6 Skills Test

    hey all, I just completed my skills test. Now, I have been riding on and off for about 5 years (without my full licence i regret to say), and am by no means a pro. Now I would encourage any new riders to absolutely go and take and complete all licencing for your class 6. It doesn't take much time, its not difficult.

    If you are going to do your skills test just make sure you practice the following and you will pass with ease!
    a) your u-turns, (almost steering wheel locked one way) slow speed - practice balance
    b) clutch work at a slow -walking speed pace for about 15 meters,
    c) safe, abrupt braking from 25km/hr with in 2 meters or so. Don't lock up or lose balance at stop.
    d) tight slalom - 10 km/hr

    You're done in 10-15 mins!

    I have to admit I was nervous, but it was way easier than I thought and I nailed it without a single demerit. You can too if you practice a little.

    If you don't want to wait for an appointment (3-4 weeks!!) just drop-in to the Burnaby ICBC testing center. They accept non-appointment drop ins between 9am and 3pm I believe. Once you pass your skills test, be sure to immediately book your road test right away as they are booking 1 - 2 months out !!!!!

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    if you take a course like Pacific Riding School, they have road test slots specifically held for them. I got my class 6 road test booked for 5 days later, of which 2 days were the weekend.

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    and don't do you skills test on a sportbike if you have never ridden before. Get a standard bike that you can steer with your hands. I have been riding for a long time and still don't keep my foot on the pegs for u-turns (well ever since I saw a pro rider hit some sand and drop his newly painted R1 on cypress doing a simple u-turn).

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    If you take Cyclelogics, then the skills test is done onsite, by the course instructor.

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