Beautiful Winter riding
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    Beautiful Winter riding

    Left work in Abbotsford at 6, went to the Surrey gym for an hour & 1/2, then went to North Vancouver & back home to Surrey. Why the hell did I shower at the gym? What a very crappy day!

    Some notes while fresh in my mind

    1. Watch the downhill sides of bridges & hills. All the rain makes rivers in the tire tracks and could promote hydroplaning.
    2. Watch out for a HUGE puddle in North Van, just past the grain ellevator area. I hit it at about 60 and water was comming over the fairing. I'm sure it was to my feet.
    3. Get a clean visor and use a city shield, chemicals, potato juce, spit, wax, monkey urine.. whatever it takes to keep it clear!
    4. You can get wet as long as your warm. If your cold and wet, that's bad. I sing the body electric (for you SF fans)
    5. Get good tires but don't trust them to always stick. All the fear that you exorcised all summer about realy huge lean angles is back to stay.
    This is one of the things that ticks me off about winter riding. I spend all winter doing corners without leaning and have to re-learn how to scrape things in the summer. At least it makes you smoooth.

    This ride was pennance for forgetting to pack my 6 year olds homework for school on monday, that and it's fun to do dumb things sometimes. Makes the hot shower and brandy so much more appreciated.

    Cheers & ride safe.

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    PS would have stopped down at Starbucks and posed for a while but more liquids would not have helped. Next time perhaps.

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