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    Tank paint

    I just bought a 1980 Cb750F super sport. I am think of painting the tank my self but before I do any thing. How much would a tank, side covers, and rear cover probly cost to get painted. The colour would be black just like the pic below.

    Heres some pic of the same style bike

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    Check with Honda. They may still have the red stripe graphics available. Honda is great that way. Or perhaps there's a source for repro graphics.

    The old 750F is a classic. It would be worth spending a little extra to get the job done right if the bike is in any sort of decent shape. But if it's a rat bike with a badly corroded engine and lots of general bad things then you may want to just consider a Kwiky Krylon job and say ta' heck wid it.

    Phone around to some of the bike shops to see who they use for their collision repair work if it's worth the extra time.

    From your avatar it LOOKS like it would be worth the time and money to do it right but it's hard to tell from that little one.

    The last painter I know of on the site that would be actually able to give you a price has stopped doing regular bike work. Anything else except from someone that recently had some work done would be pure guessing.
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