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Thread: What would you recommend...

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    What would you recommend...

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get something to haul a bike or two around in for next season.

    I was thinking a smaller mazda truck like a B2200 or B3000.

    The thing is I want something that I can close the tailgate with. Its gotta be long and wide enough for two bikes (cause I'm sure one of you out there is gonna need a ride to the track too). Do you have a truck like this? Do they make extended cabs on these models that I could find? Do you have a truck like this for sale?

    So ya, what truck should I get that would do the job well?

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    OH YEAH!
    I believe they both come in extended cab....
    B2200 maybe a little under power for 2 bikes in it....
    but I have no personal experience.....
    so maybe someone out there can tell you from experience..
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    Mischa, pm TeeTee he has a small pickup that he uses to transport the bike and I went with him once so it's got decent power and all, I think it's a mazda, don't really remember, was busy drooling over the fact that he was going to race school....lol
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    I had mazda B2200 and it would have been way under power for that..2 bikes.. no way. not sure about the B3000 though. i know that they do come in ext cab and long box which is what your looking for but im not to sure about the power plant.. at least you want a 6 cyl.....i couldnt immagine anything less driving to say Spokane or portland..then again you can buy a brand new bike trailer fitting 2 bikes with tool rack for 15hundy. so i immagine a used one is cheap..which may be better for ya.. a little mazda may pull that easier than it would loaded down in the bed.
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    Re: What would you recommend...

    Originally posted by Mischa
    Its gotta be long and wide enough for two bikes (cause I'm sure one of you out there is gonna need a ride to the track too).
    Thanks for thinking of me man!

    I drove a B2200 for a while, very pussy engine, but I couldn't kill the thing even though it had over 300k kms on it. And believe me, I tried!
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