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Thread: Looking for a pro handyman

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    Looking for a pro handyman

    We're in need of a professional handyman to help us with some installs on our new home.

    Duties include hanging venetian blinds, wall mounts for TVs, installing a cat door... stuff like that. Probably a day's work for someone proficient.

    Please, no Red Green duct tape heroes.

    Happy to pay for good work.

    Please PM me if you have any suggestions.
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    Check the back of the North Shore News, there's usually a bunch of ads there.

    The better guys are booked in advanced, I always found the trades I needed to wait a few weeks for were the good ones, compared to the ones that said they could be there in 10 minutes.

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    Thanks for the post, Adam. I'll hang out here for a while and wait for replies as I just bought a place and I'll be:

    - laying new hardwood floor throughout
    - gutting & refurbishing the bathroom
    - gutting & refurbishing the kitchen
    - replacing all base-board water heaters
    - other upgrades such as crown moldings, etc.

    The 'catch': in saying "I'm" doing this, I mean: [] I need skilled [and licensed/insured] contractors to do the work for me. Already found a plumber, and someone to do the woodwork as well as an electrician... now I just need someone to gutt the bathroom (tiles & flooring) in sync with the plumber's work. So... if anyone knows somebody who can help Adam, can they widen their list of suggestions to include a tiling expert as well? Thanks...

    Carry on... Don't mean to hi-jack yer thread, Adam. Sounds like ya got yerself a nice place... VS a 'fixer upper' (clearly I'm in the wrong biz... ) But you have first crack at the handyman [or handywoman].

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