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    Group rides!

    Ok, I'm sick and tired of this crap. This last post has lead me to this and I want to shed a little light.

    First of all I'm NOT against group rides as long as they are done safely.

    Second: If YOU are going to take 'Riders' on a group ride it goes farther than posting it on the board and showing up.

    Third: Just like the newb rides a few years ago (And to my knowledge there were NO crashes) A Quick 2 minute brief on Where, how, what you expect and what the riders can expect. The old 'Ride your own ride". and read 'THE PACE' which has been posted many times on this board.

    Four; If you want to see what your bike can do or need to prove you have a bigger set than the guy ahead of you....Take it to the Track! Troy has fantastic track days almost every month and for $160 you will ride more and harder than you ever have in a safe environment. If you like it, race bikes are CHEAP and your riding level will greatly improve.

    So flame away.

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    What you are saying needs to be said as there are still people that don't look at the evidence that is staring them in the face. Very few people here that have been going on group rides with people on BCSB have not been touched by the untimely death of someone that was riding beyond their depth or in a risky and/or irresponsible manner.

    It is mind boggling to me that there are still a core of people that still think it is manly or part of the sportbike gestalt to ride almost as fast as possible or this so-called 75% rule that I have seen a few using over the past few months.

    What I see as good is the number of people of late that make a large point of saying "ride your own ride" on group rides.

    Might be useful to state the protocol of running a group ride so people don't think things like the "safety talks" at the beginning of a ride are merely paying lip service to a safe ride. I will leave this to someone else who has more experience with running group rides to do this, if they feel so inclined.

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    As one who has lead a lot of group rides I would say that it would be a good idea to address the group before the ride in regards to pace, skill level and what to expect on the route. Recently I was on a ride where one of the riders lowsided and went through a barbed wire fence. The rider was fine but the accident really served to open my eyes as to what can happen. In hindsight I wished I had addressed the group beforehand to let everyone know what kinds of roads we were going to ride and that a few of them were blind, decreasing radius corners that needed extra caution.
    Crashes happen, but when there are no provisions taken in effort to prevent them they will occur more often. The least that can be done is a short word before the ride by the leader who knows the route well.

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    people should know the ride pace before they get to the meeting point. i make sure to let people know that on my rides there will be people doing stunts and that the pace will be fast.

    i've had people on my rides turn around because they either can't keep up or don't feel comfortable with the way we ride, which i have respect for. although when you leave a group ride it may be a good idea to let people know so we don't have to search the ditches for your ass.

    regardless of riding solo or in a group, if you crash in a corner, it's usually because you over-estimate your abilities. if i don't know the corner than i enter it expecting gravel or if i enter a blind corner i don't go full guns into it. i have yet to be on a ride where a crash has happened because of someone else's ignorance or mistake.

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    If I can't see the exit for the corner and I have never been on the corner I definitly crank it way down.

    Like Ciebien says, you have a choice. You twist your own throttle. Some people ride as if the leader is twisting thier throttle for them.

    Own your ride. Take responsibility for your ride. If your feeling out of control and you value tommorow, go home. Try again tommorow.
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    I don't go on group rides anymore for just the reasons stated above! There are too many people that think they have to follow the leader at the leaders pace. Inexperience of many of the riders lead to crashes. Get in a corner too hot, panic, either stand it up or lay it down. How about "look through the corner to where you want the bike to be, and commit to that line?" I know that sounds easy, but unless there is oncoming traffic, most modern sportbikes can make most turns way faster than you think.

    I'm not saying to take those turns faster, but there are a lot of accidents that can be avoided by looking through. Bernie is right, in that there needs to be a safety talk at the start of each ride. There also needs to be dedicated leaders and sweepers, and votes taken on pace to follow.

    Often times, group rides are problem free. What I see as the big thing, is that you here far too many times, we were just coming home from a group ride and <insert name here> took off like a shot, and then I heard metal and plastic scraping.... People are tired after a long group ride. On the way home, the pace should be even slower and more cautious. There are far too many egos out there trying to prove something.
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    The real issue is that those who know have learned the lesson (often the hard way).

    And those who don't know are probably not going to get it from a post. But if this gets one person to think, it's worth it.

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