954RR undertail and signal integrators?
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Thread: 954RR undertail and signal integrators?

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    954RR undertail and signal integrators?

    Anyone know where i can pick up either of these things for my 954? I don't want to chop up the stock undertail unless i absolutely have to. thanks guys.

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    Check this out, one of the site sponsers.


    I am sure you are going to have to cut the fender to install an undertail.

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    I was at Pacific Yamaha on Saturday. They just took in a 00 R1 on trade that had the undertail. Not impressed at all. The thing had about 1/2inch of play in it, the Yamaha seat cowl didn't fit correctly because of it, the turn signals were nearly impossible to see, and I bet it rattled like crazy because of the looseness. Don't know if it was an installation or manufacturing error.

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    I have a 954 too and I'm also looking for new undertails.
    However, I managed to remove the fender without cutting
    anything. I kept the stock signals where they originally sit
    and got rid of the license plate light. It doesn't look that bad
    considering I didn't spend anything at all... only had to figure out how I could put it back together.

    How about the one from Competetion Werkes... has anyone
    seen it installed on a bike?

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    I asked Competetion Werkes about their product, you loose almost all your trunk space.

    Plus you have to drill and cut plastic to install as well. seems kinda expencive to me.

    I'm just gonna cut my fender some more..

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    I was under the impression that the silver/black 954's dont have an undertail. While the Red/Black ones have a red painted undertail so that the license plate bracket is removable. Competition werks makes good stuff but nothing beats a homemade...for 20 bux and a home depot...get an L aluminum bracket and get some LP shortstalks...better than $100 USD

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