Tall riders need bikes too!
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Thread: Tall riders need bikes too!

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    Tall riders need bikes too!

    Hey I'm new to the sport bike game. Umm...well I just bought a 1994 Yamaha Seca II for $200. No keys, but I did get a title. It's not stolen. I had to hot wire it to get it to run. The frame is cut up and I need another bike. I am 6'7" and about 230lbs. I want a 600cc starting out. What bike should I get and what modifications should I have done to the bike. I have a friend who is 5'2" and he needed his R6 lowered. Please help me with this situation. I rode my friend's GSXR 600cc, but I was getting cramps in my hip because my knees were almost as high as the top of the gas tank. Like I said before, I just need some help with this situation. Thanks guys!

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    Buell Ulysses. You won't need any modifications size wise.

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    The short answer is that sport bikes weren't made for someone of your height. So so you either suffer or try making small mods like getting helibars etc.

    Enduros may be a much better fit.

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    scrap metal

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    Yea, well. I don't know you're bigger than my obviously. But I am riding a 600RR cramped bike. And I am about 6'5". You just make it work really.

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    I found a 98 Honda CBR F3 for $5000. The banks for the loan say its not worth more than $3110. Its so expensive because it has 4200 miles on it. Would it be a pretty good bike for myself?

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    I wouldnt do it..its oviously been sitting most of its life try finding somthing a bit newer with a few more miles on it for the same price

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    I feel your pain. I am 6'4" 250 and understand what you are going to go through buying bikes.

    I ride a fair bit and have a great deal of experience in getting bikes to fit.

    Here is how it will be for you

    Sport Bikes - unless you want to cripple yourself forget about them

    What bikes will fit you with some modifications

    650 or 1000 V Strom

    Buell Ulysess

    OLder BMW GS's 110 and 1150 but I would steer clear of them due to higher maintenance and aquistion costs

    KTM 950 and 640 See BMW for issues

    Maybe a pre 2008 KLR

    Kawasaki Concours

    Seat try to buy a bike that has a one piece seat so when you go to a custom seat builder he has a far easier time moving you up and back.

    Rich in Seattle seems to have pretty good handle on fitting me to my bikes

    Peg lowering kits impede corning

    You will need to spend some time on handlebar adjustments and Heli Bars or barbacks will help you out and will simple bar risers

    Bikes that have been adopted by the long distances or touring type riders will have lots of "farkels available" to make your bike fit better

    Your best bet in my opinion is either a

    A 650 V strom with ABS or a Buell Uly. Sadly you are going to have to spend a lot more as a new rider to get comfortable

    PM me your number if you want to talk
    BCSB had mountains of experience with a lot of things. #1 on that list is pouring out bullshit to dumb questions by the Gigabyte. (TripleTime, 12-10-2014 03:19 PM)

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    My fiancee's cousin is about 6'5" and he tried alot of different bikes, on the gixxers his knees were above the tank,

    he did end up getting an 07 R1 which is a VERY comfy bike to ride after giving it a go, great low speed handling too, but I had him ride my 07 ZX6R ninja and even though it is a smaller bike his knees were in a decent location and he said that it was comfy to ride and sit on as well.

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    Im 6 foot 6 and 239 pounds and i have no issues with my Sv650s.
    Hey look at that, im selling my SV.

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