Muffler packing: What do you use?
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Thread: Muffler packing: What do you use?

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    Muffler packing: What do you use?

    Just wondering what everyone is using for packing. I`ve used FMF packing a few times now and find that it only lasts 2000 km or so and its all gone. I`m usually left with only a couple little lumps at the upper end and thats it. I`m assuming it breaks down and blows through the perforations in the muffler core. I was thinking of trying some steel wool, thinking that it wont blow away like the glass packing does. Any thoughts on this or suggestions on what else to use.?

    BTW, Its a gutted stock Husky muffler with a race core.
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    Forget about steel wool unless you can find a stainless steel version. The regular stuff will rust away in no time at all.

    I repacked my far too noisy Muzzy's on the Z with the Yoshimura wool. It's not fiberglass but I don't know what it is. It's held up well so far. I got mine from Imperial but BK can get it as well as most places that deal with Parts Canada where it came from.

    The key is to pack it firmly but not hard. By packing it firmly it'll support itself better and should last longer. But don't ram it home so it's packed in like concrete or it won't suck up the noise as well.

    And as a bonus a firmly packed can actually gives you MORE power as well as reduced noise. Some of the racers checked this locally on a dyno a few years back and were very surprised. Noise does not mean power automatically.
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    FMF has a higher grade of packing available as well. I've found the cheap stuff isn't worth the dough, but the higher grade stuff works much better. Comes pre wrapped in a nice fishnet that keeps it together and easy to work with. Took me all of 10 minutes to repack my TiQ with it and I didn't even get my hands dirty.

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