Effectiveness of lock, chain and alarm
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Thread: Effectiveness of lock, chain and alarm

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    Post Effectiveness of lock, chain and alarm

    Since there are many cases of stolen bikes, I'd like to know how effective security devices available out there.

    I saw plastic-coated metal wire, 1-inch diameter, that they say no bolt cutter can cut through. Then there's the classic disc lock. And also easy-20-minute-to-install alarm.

    Now I know theres' nothing that's 100% safe, other than sleep next to it, so do you ppl know how hard is it to remove disc lock? Do I have to put one each on front and rear disc? And top that off with that 1-inch chain, and an alarm? I still think that given the time (a couple of hours at night) it's easy to disable an alarm. But then, how far do I have to go to secure the bike? Sorry if I'm rambling, I still get upset when I think about my bike and not knowing how to secure it doesn't make me comfortable to get another one.

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    from experience, my disc lock didn't work. I'm assuming they picked up my bike and put it in a truck. So my advice would be to chain it down to something (ie lamp post, cement post, etc etc).

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    I am sorry to say, but even a cobra lock or disc lock wont hold up a thief to long, I can get through a disc lock and cobra in less than a min, and tools to do that aren't expensive. If u can keep it out off site, this is best prevention, although common underground parking is 1 of the worst places to keep a bike. If they want ur bike there going to get it.

    Getting ripedoff sucks, a girl who lives behind me had her SV stolen a week ago and had no insurance, it ran out on the friday and she was renewing it on monday, her bike got stolen sundaynight. Her car was wedged write up to the bike but they got it any way. INSURANCE IS THE ONLY ANSWER.

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    Originally posted by Jumby
    My feelings exactly.

    Disc locks are good. Locking your bike *to* something is better. But your bike is always vulnerable.

    It sucks that people steal things. Yeah, they shouldn't, but they do. Be prepared for the possibility that it could happen.

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    Does anyone remember Robocop 2 where they did the spoof ad of the ultimate car security system? The thief gets in, tries to start the car and gets electrocuted. We need to do something like that for our bikes!

    On a more serious note: you know how they have those CAT stickers for cars (Combat Auto Theft) that basically gives police the authority to pull over a car with such a sticker between 2am and 6am to check registration? Maybe we could implement a similar concept for bikes: put a sticker on your bike and it gives police authority to pull over any vehicle hauling or trailering the bike and check for registration.

    And I know it has been said before, but if any of you has a chance to buy used parts at a good price, make sure you check out the seller first. If there was no market for stolen bikes then there would be no stolen bikes.

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    OH YEAH!
    I always get scare that my bike will get stolen...
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    Don't bother with Disc Locks. I had 2 on my bike and now it's gone with the two $80 locks. Sucks shit! What the point if ICBC won't even recognize you for having anti-theft device with discount or even reimburst you for the locks. Unfortunately the only way is a Gargage! Unfortunately I don't have one of those yet either! Which sucks even more!
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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    i wanna know about GPS...

    i've gotta buddy who can install that kind of thing and *when* i get my R1 *sigh*...i thought about putting a GPS in there...so when it moves without me, i post a BCSB thread, and we kick some ass!

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    I have the GPS systems at work. They are great for cars but I wouldn't bother on my bike. It would be too easy to find and take out as there isn't as many places to hide it as in a car. another option(not as good) is an alarm with a paging system. I have one for mine and my g/f's vehicles and will be installing an alarm on my bike this winter.

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    I don't know if garage is the ultimate solution. I know a guy that kept his Harley in the garage and chained to his garage floor. Well, it still got stolen, the thief broke into his garage and cut the chain.

    another option(not as good) is an alarm with a paging system. I have one for mine and my g/f's vehicles and will be installing an alarm on my bike this winter.
    How does the paging system works, I assume it will page you when somebody set off the alarm. I always think that it's way easier to disable alarm on bike than car since, as Shawn said, not too many places to hide it.

    I am seriously consider putting the bike in the house, when I get one next spring. However I heard that may be against the insurance's rule. Got to find out more about that later.

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    I'd consider a combo of the above suggestions almost the best you can do:

    a) A disc lock to protect your bike from casual thieves when you park it away from home
    b) A pager alarm, so you know when you need to grab a bat & protect your baby
    c) a fat ass chain connected to an immovable object, to slow down the thieves while you run outside to deal some justice
    d) big touring-bike cover, duct-taped out, so hopefully you won't need the stuff above...

    As for GPS, I'd consider it worthwhile even if only it increases your chance of beating up slimy thieves. See my comment in other thread

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    "Personal opinion, buy a great, Oversized,ugly touring bike cover, preferably dark in colour"
    how about " Buy a great,oversized ugly touring bike" ?
    I got a garage thank god, and i dont use the bike for commuting, thats what i got my 82 corolla for. besides its roof over my head in the winter. my 2 cents on theft prevention :
    IF the bike will be sitting for any kind of time, Remove the battery.
    And.....the big ugly cover sounds like a good idea, make sure its dirty and dusty.
    and...a great big thick chain to chain the rear or both wheels to a cement post or something. and dont forget a great big huge lock to go with the chain. remember, the protection is only as strong as the weakest link, so the lock must be next to impossible to pick or break.

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    I have a disc lock and feel sorta safe. Unfortunately, the noob in me decided to leave it on and drive on once. Crap! Did that hurt!
    $300 for a new rotor.
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    I have the pager alarm and a shocker attached to the bikes and covers. Me and a buddy fab'ed up a shocker device to give you a good zap if you touch my bike. And the alarm Pages me when this happens as well. It works great so far. I have them set up on all 3 bikes. So i use the spare battery to shock the hell out you.... opps sorry did that hurt.... It works great cuz when the pager did go off i ran downstairs with a Tire Checker ( big Bat with metal) and well .... he was hurt only a little.... My bike hasn't been touched since....
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