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    Question Honda 599 Saddle Bags

    Good morning all, hope your all enjoying the great riding weather like I am. I'm new to this site, and this is my first riding season. I'm also more then a little new to this whole forum bit so please bear with me. I really like the site though, tons of fantastic information.

    I do want to pick the community's brain though. I have a 2006 Honda CB600F or Honda 599 and recently was offered a deal I couldn't pass up. A fellow co-worker sold me a set of Fieldsheer saddle bags for $30.00 as they didn't fit his bike. I'm told that they normally go for about $110.00

    They are listed here ->

    But what my question is that the saddle bag on the right side lays directly over the exhaust. Now I've been paying very close attention and it doesn't seem to be getting hot to cause any damage, but I wanted to see if anyone had any insight for me. Thanks In advance.

    PS great site. Any fellow Honda 599 Owners out there?

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    Your bike has some serious shielding over the exhaust so it should be fine. If you can put your hand on it when it's been running for a while it's good to go. From what I remember about a friends 599 it never got too hot.
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    Thats kinda of what I had been thinking. Even after my longest ride and the hottest day I've been out, it was warm to be sure but not hot enough that I thought it would be a big deal. Thanks

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