Joe Rocket signs on new rider
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Thread: Joe Rocket signs on new rider

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    Joe Rocket signs on new rider

    Joe Rocket has signed on Stunt Rider Clint Ewing as their newest member of the Rocket Nation team. Clint will contribute to the growth of the Rocket Nation throughout his schedule of performances for 2007. You can expect Clint to be representing the Joe Rocket line of apparel in full force.

    "I consider it an honor to be a Rocket Nation Team Rider. With the prestigious name of Joe Rocket supporting me, comes the opportunity to keep growing as a professional rider as well as help advance the sport of stunt riding." - Clint Ewing

    Joe Rocket
    Scotts Performance

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    more lean please Array anoxion's Avatar
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    lol, i think its funny that clint ewing himself posted this here. congrats

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    hot beef Array mwrunt's Avatar
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    well next time you see some one from joe rocket tell them to make somthing that doesnt fall apart. i have never owned a piece of rocket gear that hasnt fallen apart at the seams.
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    Lee RideFar Array elevation's Avatar
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    Congrats Clint. Its always great to see hard work pay off.

    My Joe Rocket Gear has been going strong for two years now. No problems other than the arm zippers.

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    I'm happy for the rider. Employment is good. Too bad Joe Rocket gear sucks, the cheapest worst made gear I've ever owned. My suit started falling apart 1 day after use... and the air vents are about to fly off the f*n thing, as though I always travel at 300kph or somethin'. Never again. I'm so sorry I gave away 3 perfectly good suits to new riders... to be left with this piece of crap. []

    I hope Clint doesn't wear this sh*t on his days off.

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    I have two pieces of Joe Rocket gear and both are excellent. If you have problems take it back, I'm sure that there is a reasonable warrenty on the gear. - cc

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    I have the Ballistic 4.0 pants and the Meteor jacket. Both have been totally rock-solid; waterproof when locked down, breathable when opened up, and comfortable. The only problem I had was with the original Ballistic 3.0 pants: the coarser fabric over the knees kept separating at the edges. I warranteed them, and it took WAY too long to get them replaced, but it happened to be during the time they were updating the model. They sent me a refurbished pair of 3.0's to hold me over, and then sent me a new pair of 4.0's I wear now. Took a while, but it worked out in the end.

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