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    this sound about right?

    So the other day I noticed my bike was idling a little rough, seemed almost like it was missing a bit, then progressively got worse it would miss a bit under acceleration below 3000 rpm’s but had good high end power. I noticed that when I started it that morning it seemed like the battery was low as it turned over very slowly.

    Eventually it got to the point where the guage pod would blank out and the bike would shut off while riding and my temp guage read HI and my engine light even flashed on and went off, so I took it to Yamaha and only made it half way, the bike died and went completely dead.. nothing when you turned the key.

    Got it to the mechanic, he charged the battery and everything works fine, says hes been running it for half an hour and hasn’t noticed a single problem.

    he tested the alternator and says theres nothing wrong with that either.

    My question is do you think its possible that a low battery could cause that much stuff to happen? Do you think its just time to replace the battery or is there something else going on there that is just not peeking its head out at the moment?

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    Yes, a very low battery will cause a lot of troubles.

    If you notice that it labours to crank over when starting that's a sign that the battery is on it's way out or that you have a bad electrical connection somewhere. Both options means that the engine will see a low voltage.

    If you do almost all your riding in commuting traffic and only very seldom get out of the city then your battery will run down over a number of days of commuter riding. Our bikes can only put charge back into the battery when spinning at around 2500 to 3500 depending on the bike. At idle you're actually running off the battery and it's running down as a result. If you're stuck doing this commuter jungle sort of deal then you should get a little Canadian Tire motorcycle battery charger and about once a week charge the battery overnight to bring it back up.

    And don't figure that one or two blocks makes up for 27 red lights. It takes about 1/2 an hour or more at good riding speeds to make up for around 15 minutes of gridlock. Our bikes generally have pretty weak charging systems.
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    Could easily be just the battery. I had a similar prob, rough idle and other gremlins... Replaced the batt and it's all good for the last few weeks now. I did kill my old batt thou, my fault. I didn't ride or charge the batt for 6 months during winter and it turns out AGM batts don't like to be discharged completely, they die. I got me a batt from Walmart in US. Get the one in yellow box, SuperMax or sumpin...

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    You know that sounds similar to a loose batter connection. the positive terminal sliping on and off
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    Thanks for the responses, at first i was like fuck my ECU is blown this is gonna get pricey... I mean cars definately don't behave that way but i guess you learn something new every day

    I was doing some wheelies right around when my problems started so i think that may have loosened my battery connector and when the guy charged it at the shop he tightened it, therefore fixing the problem.

    oh well i got him to do a tune up on it while he was working on it and that probably needed to be done either way.

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