Bike covers- are they that different?
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Thread: Bike covers- are they that different?

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    Question Bike covers- are they that different?

    This may be a simple question but is there much of a difference protection-wise when it comes to bike covers? To me it just seems that all you need to worry is to keep the rain off- or is that naive thinking? If so, please fill me in on the differences.


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    You want something that will keep the rain off but if you are storing for a really long time it is important that the bike gets to dry out, moisture will cause rust even if you keep rain off.

    Recommend not storing bike outside. A dry shed is better than nothing then you just need a dust cover.

    Tarps are bad that dont breath at all. The best covers have a material lining the inside that is beathable so damp ness will wick away from your bike.

    Dont store bike out side over winter, bring your baby inside, we just get too much rain here.

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    Just make sure it's breathable as mentioned. Mine is elasticated around the bottom, so the wind can't blow it off. It's a good idea to make sure it can handle heat as well, especially if you have an SS exhaust hanging on the side of the bike ....
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