so ive never legally driven a street bike before, but the past few years ive been gaining more and more interest in them. im not lookin for anything extremely fast however it would be nice if a noob such as myself could scoop up a really good deal. i was hoping to get the newer body style gixer possibly 90's ( dont know much bout gixers yet except that i dont want the old style) i can spend up to $ 2000 right now but am not wanting to spend the full amount as that is my fund for buying and making the bike road worthy ( insured ) i was also hopin to get the blue/ white gixer as ive got blue/white riding clothes set aside already but if not its ok..... so if anyones got a spare gixer put aside ( not seeing as much road time as your new bike )or anything for that matter id like to take the bike off your hands. please PM me or email me at

thanks in advance

PS: sorry i just noticed its in the wrong thread