Where do you guys parking your bikes on Whistler?
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Thread: Where do you guys parking your bikes on Whistler?

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    Where do you guys parking your bikes on Whistler?

    It looks like a good coffee stop for Duffey lake loop (Squamish is too close), but the only parking I found is the regular parking lot I’ve used when skiing.
    It is unpaved, far from any coffee shop and sucks. Or lack of parking is the reason why Whistler is less popular mc stop then Squamish?

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    i usually just park underground below the village just before you get to the unpaved gravel lots.

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    Theres parking beside the Telus conference center, where Pita pit is and Subway. They have Motorcycle only parking there. The IGA marketplace has free parking for up to 2 hrs and theres a Starbux. If you are riding with a small group, like 2 or 3 ppl you can pull up to a hotel and ask the valet parking guys if you can park in front while you eat lunch at their restaurant, they usually dont care as long as your polite, they can watch the bikes while your out strolling the village, i always tip them when i leave.
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