Who needs CBR125 when you got cruzincooler
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Thread: Who needs CBR125 when you got cruzincooler

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    Who needs CBR125 when you got cruzincooler

    The Cruzin Cooler combines a scooter and a cooler!


    Cruzin Cooler combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, without walking. With modern technology, the Cruzin Cooler is light-weight and comes in various sizes and colors and is available in gas and electric models, with a 10 mile range on electric models and 30 miles on the gas models.

    The cooler is light enough to be driven to a location and then picked up and carried. The cooler can be used for hunting, sporting events, races, camping, golf or even a trip to the grocery store to keep your food cold all the way home. Marine use will be popular for the new cooler allowing you to take your fish/drinks/food/ ice to and from your boat with powered assistance and braking. Simply ride or power your way up and down ramps.

    There are virtually hundreds of uses for the new coolers with thoughts of racing coolers not far behind!
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    You know, that's not really that far removed from the cruzin crapper. Because sometimes, you have go while you're on the go.
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    Hhhhmmm. Used go-ped, cooler, some garage time and you got the perfect transpo for Merritt this summer.
    Log off and ride.
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