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    WTT - 1999 Honda VFR

    I have a red 99 VFR with 17,500 miles on it (just under 30k):

    • Black/Carbon Hindle exhaust
    • Comfortable Corbin Seat (haven't once gotten sore)
    • Aftermarket windsheild - the name escapes me - It's taller, less wind
    • Brand new pilot power

    Best bike I've owned yet (out of 4).

    It has a little crack on the fairing, right around the front left flushmount light...Was there when I bought it.

    I miss true sportbikes however...

    SO, I'm trying to now get rid of my vehicles so I can getone...R6...Honda 1000rr...GXr 750/1000

    I see the value of it at $6500...so if you are interested in something less aggressive then your liter bike, this would probably be a good choice.
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