Grounds for abortion up to the 123rd tri-mester.
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Thread: Grounds for abortion up to the 123rd tri-mester.

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    Grounds for abortion up to the 123rd tri-mester.

    So my idiot friend had a new motorcycle that he has never driven delivered to the office. He needs to take it to an apartment two blocks down. he has never ridden a motorcycle before nor driven a stick shift. His girlfriend got it into an unknown gear. How on an 07 harley-davidson sportster can he get it into first gear not knowing how to shift gears?

    Best part of thread continues here...
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    My favourite part:

    "By the way most bikes have a first gear useful until about 10 MPH. Sure it will go higher if you rev the crap out of it, but if your buddy wants to go out on public roads, he's gonna have know actually learn how to operate the bike."

    My first bike, an '86 gixxer, could break every speed limit in the province without leaving first gear. This must be a cruiser site.

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    Someone who makes a comment like that obviously has only ridden an 80 or 125. 10mph in first? Yeah if i don't use the throttle and just let the bike pull at idle ....
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