I'm looking to get a newer bike so this one's gotta go. I got this bike after it was lowsided on the right side and I've fixed it up and rode it for the last year. There is cosmetic damage mainly on the right side and on the fender. But, it's just cosmetic. Here's what I've done in the last year:

oil change (2 weeks ago) (I've done oil changes every 2 months or so)
replaced throttle cables (both push and pull)
replaced clutch cable
replaced speedometer cable
replaced thermostat
replaced radiator fan
replaced radiator piping/cap
replaced radiator fluid reservoir
replaced right handle bar
replaced clutch and front brake lever
replaced right rider footpeg
replaced right mirror
replaced windscreen
I relined the gas tank so there's no rust and there never will be (no metal exposed)
I've also lubed the chain/cables every month or so

The guy who owned this bike before me , before he lowsided, had the carbs tuned and inspected. The seats were also reapolstered. He also had this bike repainted.

My asking price is $2400. just over 67k on the odometer.

I've taken very good care of this bike. Mechanically, it runs pretty solid. It's so fucking loud that my buddies who ride with me can't hear their own bikes unless I keep the revs extremely low. Also, this bike is pretty quick for its age. The throttle opens up like no tomorrow. Anyways, come ride it away. This bike currently needs nothing other than a new rider.

I'll throw in a helmet and a pair of gloves I've been using as well.

As for test rides. Cash in hand please. No cash = no test ride. You drop it, you buy it.

Also, I have a bunch of spare parts that I can throw in. The old throttle, clutch cables (still good, i just wanted to start fresh), a pair of passenger footpegs and the left rider footpeg. Those are the only parts worth noting.

Great bike! It'll be a good starter bike for someone who wants a sportbike as their first bike but is scared to drop a new 10,000 dollar bike.

PM me if interested.