Shortning SS Front brake lines
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Thread: Shortning SS Front brake lines

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    Shortning SS Front brake lines

    So I installed some new handlebars on my Bandit today, to replace the swept back, higher bars that were on it (my 1st mod performed by myself ), but the SS brake lines from the bars were too long, got them to fit tho without kinking, if thats even possible with SS. Just wondering if I can shorten them myself to tidy it up, or if its something I should leave to someone with more experience...then I could also get them to check over my work :P

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    Unless you can find fittings that lock using wrenches (typically called field service connectors) then no. You need a crimping tool to install the fitting.

    The good news is that a few shops have them. 5ThGear, Imperial and Burnaby Kawi all make up SS lines in the shop and have the tools for it. There may be others as well so call your favourite ship and ask.

    And yes you can kink SS lines. Very definetly. It's always good to lay them in with as little bending or twisting as you can manage. A common misconception is that the SS braid is what makes the lines stronger and stiffer. But that ain't so. The original idea of the braid for aircraft use was to protect the line inside the braid from wear due to vibration at points where the line contacted other parts. And that's all it does. It's the inner core that completely carries the pressure and determines the feel at the lever.
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