Motorcycle crash on Westminster Hwy, Richmond at Sikh temple???
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Thread: Motorcycle crash on Westminster Hwy, Richmond at Sikh temple???

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    Question Motorcycle crash on Westminster Hwy, Richmond at Sikh temple???

    Hey folks.

    Rode by a crash scene earlier around 7pm tonight (June 2nd)

    The popo were using the survey equipment - saw a white cruiser had broadsided a white mini-van. I can only assume the worst when the measuring tape is brought out.

    Anyone know how the rider is doing? Any info/updates?
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    I just got back from Surrey tonight, around 10:30, there was still cop cars and stuff on westminster highway around that area. I could see them from highway 91. Must have been bad...

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    I saw that too.... while on my way home. Hope the rider is OK.

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    it goes fast...thats all you need to know
    I saw it as well...sending good thoughts to the rider!!!
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    Yep - there must have been 6-8 cars there, whole area coned off.... Something definatly BAD .... I've been searching google for a news page related - anyone seen anything?
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    There was a hazardous chemical spill right alongside hwy 91 (near westminster hwy) on friday night. That may have something to do with it as well. Whatever happened to the rider I hope they made it out.

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    The rider's name is Tony Sverdrup and he's the ex-husband of one of my oldest and dearest friends.Although he isn't on BCSB and was riding a 96' Harley Heritage Springer with red & white pinstripes and tasslebags my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his 2 wonderful children.Currently he's in a coma in the intensive care unit at Royal Columbian hospital in New West and the doctor's say it doesn't look promising.Feel free to send flowers and cards as a sign of support for a fellow 2wheeler as I have done.
    Hang in there Tony!

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