Where to get zipper sewn into textile jacket?
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Thread: Where to get zipper sewn into textile jacket?

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    Smile Where to get zipper sewn into textile jacket?

    I've got a textile jacket with a zipper that needs to be replaced - I've gotten the replacement zipper, but now I need to find a place that is good that can sew the new zipper in for me.

    So I wondered if anyone had a suggestion on a good place to take it?


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    I've gotten leather repairs done by him in the past. Quality work, good deal, and fast. He's also a BCSBer.

    Call him and see if he can do it for ya. If you're in langley, that is!

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    Anyone know of a good place to get gear alterations done?
    I have 2 textile jackets I would like to fit with some loops to help them hold on to my belt when riding.
    And one I would like to get a zipper put in all around.

    Hoping closer to Vancouver. But if not i guess im going to see George.

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    Ace of Suedes on E. Hastings is a great leather alterations, but a simple zipper install can be done at any shoe repair store.
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    Go see Rocky at:

    Romarock Custom Tailors
    Address : 8171 Alexandra Road, Richmond, BC
    Telephone : 604-278-1523

    He's one of the last true tailors left around there. He can do pretty much anything with a sewing machine and thread. He's awesome!
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