Going to buy insurance. What do i need?
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Thread: Going to buy insurance. What do i need?

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    Yeah right!

    Going to buy insurance. What do i need?

    OK i've never done this before since the insurance agent (uncle) always delivered it to my house. what do i need when i go to an autoplan broker? Just the bike insurance papers? Bike was previousy insured and it expired, so i didn't cancel the plate.....

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    If they didn't send you a notice to renew, all you need is the insurance papers. That assumes, of course, that you were the last person to insure the bike. If not you will need the transfer of title documentation that you got when you bought the bike. I can't recall for sure but you may need your DL as well.


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    yeah that and cash... a whole lota cash
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    If your insurance ran out, then the whole slip of paper. If you cancelled it, then they give you back the small portion of your insurance (registration) when you cancelled it. If you don't have either, they'll charge you to issue new papers before you insure. Take that, ID and cash or a void cheque (Autoplan12) and your good to go.

    Also, make sure you don't have any outstanding fines or they'll make you pay for them before you can buy insurance.
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    OH YEAH!
    take ur paper and cash.....get the insurance then we can go pose and have ice-cream!
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