after alot of time and alot of money, i have to part with my project bike before finishing it. i blew the engine in my car, and i NEED transportation to get to school and work, so the bike has to go to fund my engine build. plus i've realized on my budget it makes more sense for me to sacrifice riding for this season and wait till i can get something later model and fuel injected for next season.

the bike is a 1990 kawasaki zx6-d ninja. 68,000k on the odometer. i bought this bike off a good friend of mine, who bought it off my boss, so i've been around it for quite a while. it has a rebuilt status for being rear ended when my boss owned it, but the damage was minimal. rear swing arm and rear wheel had some damage, but both were replaced. it also got dropped at low speed (pulling into a parking lot) by the previous owner, but i've since repaired the fairings.

the good:
LOTS of new parts-
-bridgestone battlax's BT014r's front has 3 weeks of leisurely riding on it, rear has about 6 hours on it. both pretty much brand new (paid close to 600$ for em)
-chain and sprocket were replaced with rear tire (maybe 6 hours on em)
-clutch was replaced last year sometime by previous owner
-rear brake replaced end of last year
-BRAND new battery (bought last week)
-fairings just repaired, painted grey and satin black. not show bike material, but decent
-just replaced head (from supersport, 250$) with new kawasaki HG, exhaust gaskets, valve cover gaskets.
-valve adjustment just done.
-new plugs end of last season
-polished later model zx6 single pipe
-shifted fine through all gears when last run

the bad:
-doesnt run.

when i bought the bike, it didnt run and needed a new head. i bought a replacement head, 180 dollars worth of gaskets from burnaby kawi, and had my friend in motorcycle mechanics at BCIT put the engine together. on the bench, once assembled, it leakdown tested an even 8% across all cylinders cold. once it was all back together, with new gaskets, oil and filter, we werent getting spark, fixed the problem (got new timing sensor) but then noticed coolant was getting into the oil. we drained crankcase and coolant system, filled crankcase with new oil and tuned it over to clear out any water then drained the oil again. this is the only thing that needs to be done to get the bike running. could be a waterpump seal, could be a barrel gasket, i dont know. we never fired the bike since assembling it, and the oil only had water in it for a few hours before we noticed it.

- there coudl be some random fairing bolts or fasterners missing, i havnt actually bolted all the fairings up yet, but its nothing you couldnt get at canadian tire for 20 cents.

anyways, i want a grand for it. if interested, i can throw in a matching shark helmet bought last year (220$), a shift textile jacket thats brand new (200) and a pair of leather icon gloves (100$) for 1250$. i could also be interested in equal trades for a running, insurable car or bike. condition doesnt matter as long as it can get me around.

sorry for the length of this post, i just want to be honest. dont want anyone to be suprised. this would be a great bike for someone mechanically inclined who has some time to tinker, and wants a cheap, modern looking, decently fast bike that they can stunt, track or just drive every day without worrying about pushing their luck on a 10,000 dollar investment.

also if you didnt want to tinker around, you could buy a running used engine and drop it into this frame, and have a perfectly running bike with plenty of new parts for probally 1500 bucks

located in south surrey, i can be reached on my cell, 604-781-0198