West Kooteney Loop Saturday June 9th
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Thread: West Kooteney Loop Saturday June 9th

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    West Kooteney Loop Saturday June 9th

    Ok so I posted this ride on Okanagansportbikes.com http://www.okanagansportbikes.com/in...er=asc&start=0 and figured that maybe some of you would want to make this trip. I've got a buddy in Langley that is probably gonna make the trip down Thursday night so we can rip some of these amazing okanagan roads on Friday and then do this ride Saturday. He's gonna head back sunday.

    Let me know what you guys are thinking.


    (135km from Vernon/185km from Kelowna)Hwy 6 to Needles ferry (Which I'll pay for again)
    Stop for lunch at the Fukya mushroom Place
    (57 KM)Head up to Nukusp
    (47 KM)Down to New Denver (Not really that new though)
    (47 KM)Take Hwy 31A to Kaslo
    (36 KM)Continue onto Hwy 31 to Balfour
    Take the other free ferry that I'll pay for too
    (78 KM)Hwy 3A down to Creston (That's where they make kokanee)
    (71 KM)Across Hwy 3 & up to Salmo
    (41 KM)Up Hwy 6 to Nelson
    (21 KM)Across and through Slocan
    (79 KM)Back to New Denver, up through Nukusp and back down to Needles

    Vernon: 783km
    Kelowna: 883km

    Estimated time: 3395 hours (I honestly have no clue)

    Meet Time: I'll be at the Vernon Chevron and ready to leave at 9:30am so you Kelowna guys should meet at about 8:30. This should give us close to 12 hours of daylight from Vernon.

    If everyone figures this is to long or they want to leave earlier, let me know.

    We can always cut of the Creston-Salmo part and go to Nelson from Balfour. This will only save us about 2 hours.

    The pace will be fairly quick, not stupid fast though, so that we can cram this amazing ride all into one day. Only double line passing when the car in front of you is doing under 220. LOL

    What should you bring??
    -Enough money for gas and probably 2 meals. (any thoughts for a dinner stop?)
    -A pair of shorts (I'm wearing mine under my pants)
    -Clear and Tinted visor (probably hitting dark on the way back)
    -Maybe a towel for if we decide to stop for a cool off dip.
    -A pillow for your ass. Booty Shake

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