MCC-Women Riders Council launches second survey
More than 800 responded to first survey
Toronto, Ontario, Canada June 6, 2007 (Le français sera disponible le 13 juin) The Women Riders Council of MCC has launched its second online survey, inviting female riders to express their thoughts and opinions regarding training resources and website resources.

In the first survey (the results of which can be seen on the MCC website), women identified certain training and education needs, beyond basic rider training, such as maintenance.

The survey will look at what kind of training would be the most desired, and what website resources would be helpful.
The survey can be accessed at www.motorc and will remain open indefinitely. Results will be analyzed on an ongoing basis with programs and actions developed by the WRC. All responses will remain confidential and no contact information will be shared.

About the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada

MCC is Canada's largest association representing motorcyclist's interests. It is a not-for-profit national advocacy organization that champions motorcycling interests throughout Canada. Its membership comprises more than 200 clubs and represents over 70,000 riders from across Canada.

About the Women Riders Council

The Women Riders Council (WRC) of MCC is led by a steering committee of active female riders. The WRC's purpose is to Promote and Celebrate Women Motorcycle Riders (of Canada).


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