any undercover cops wanna read this Im pist right off
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Thread: any undercover cops wanna read this Im pist right off

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    any undercover cops wanna read this Im pist right off

    For christ sakes can you guys do your jobs?
    If the freaking native indian gets into my apartment (breaks in) I will slaughter the mofo.......

    I have had the issue many times you guys seem not to do your jobs... What do i have to do break into his place get a slap and be out the next day???

    Im geting sick of the bs

    Oh and stop bugging motorcylists. Been cut off 5 times this last week badly and you guys are to busy watching me to see the other crap going on around me... One car was a rust bucket flat tire and guy was drinking a beer while driving. Looke dlike a skid who stole it to boot!

    But hey i get stiffed with a VI on my bike for a plate tucked under the tail by some nazi waering handlebarred moustache cop who is "TRAFFIC AUTHORITY" Straight outta chips with a undecover car ---> Wow man so cool what an asshat Im so getting sick of all this and they wonder why guys are just running now???
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    Cops need to EARN RESPECT just like everyone else

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    I wish.
    This thread makes no sense. Please feel free to edit and we'll re-open it.
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    So you got busted because you broke the law with your plate placement and your pissed cuz you got caught and the others didn't?
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