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    Red Blur/aka Dan

    Some of you may remember a recent accident on the Hope/Princeton, quite a serious one involving a truck and Dan and his R6.
    Well I met Dan for the first time today at a medical building in Abbotsford. it was his first day out of the house since the accident. Both legs were immobilised and he still has some lack of sensation in the left one, but at least he is on the slow road to recovery. Obviously his close friends will know all of this, but its an update for those who are curious as to his outcome.
    By all accounts (i.e. his) it was a doozy of an accident and he is fortunate to still be around.
    Good luck with your recuperation Dan

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    That's great news. I remember hearing he was going to lose that leg, a little numbness is nothing compared to that.

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    Way to go Dan, stay tough and recover fast we're all thinkin of you, even those of us that don't know you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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    Great to hear Dan is making a speedy recovery! Heal fast!

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    Hey Guys,

    I was Dan's roomate just before the accident. His family and especially his friends really appreciate all the kind words. As stated above, Dan is on the road to recovery. I'll be heading out to see him shortly and will make sure he gets a good look at all the nice stuff people left posted for him during his time in hospital. Please remember to ride in the best gear you can afford, cuz you never know when you're going to need its full protection.
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