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    Reverse Shifting...

    I'm just curious if any of you out there ride with GP style shifting?

    And those who do/have how do you like it?

    Have you ridden like that on the track? Street?

    What advantages/disadvantages can you comment on about that style of shifting?
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    I can see it helping in a big way when you're halfway through a long sweeper in need of an don't have to fool around with trying to sneak your toe under that shifter while the peg is just about to hit the ground.

    Although on the street you lose the ease of being able to just tap-dance the shifter into first while you're doing an emergency stop or something. Hitting it upwards isn't as comfortable, for me.
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    As Harps said, it works well on the track although I have never like using it on the street.

    On the track you get a much more possitive up shift and there is far less chance of blowwing a shift, which is very hard on your tranny. It is also easier to shift when your in a tuck going down a straight, then when you come to a corner you can sit up and brake and lifting your foot up to shift down is much easier.

    I've also had trouble with the shifter hitting the ground in corners, and using the GP style you can usually set your shifter up a little higher than you would if you were street shifting.

    It takes a bit to get used to GP shifting on the track but I would say that it is worth tring, you can always change back if you don't like it.


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    I test rode one like this(on the street) when I was shopping for my first bike...

    the bike WAS used for track, that's why he had the shifting reversed, it isn't really hard to get used too, but it makes downshifiting so much slower...

    btw...the bike is a 94F2, selling at $3000(this was 3-4 years ago..)..with alot of racing mod..

    It was cheap, and it handles MUCH BETTER than a normal F2(it feels a lot lighter)...but then I didn't wanna get a raced bike for my first bike

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