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    Suomy Gunwind

    Anyone have experience with Suomy helmets? I was looking at a Gunwind at BK yesterday.... pretty comfortable, at least for the few minutes I was wearing it.

    It was certainly tight going on; probably the closest chinbar of any helmet I've tried. It leads me to wonder if there are fogging problems, especially wearing glasses.

    So, if you wear a Suomy, what are your thoughts?


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    I like mine a lot...but some people I know have really disliked the fit. Depends on the shape of your head. The chin-bar is tight...that's good. It's the first helmet I've had that doesn't hit my shoulder while doing a shoulder check. Also, it's very light...cuts down on the neck fatigue a little bit. Nice lining inside too...and for the price, I don't think you can beat it.
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