motorcycle wreckage service
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Thread: motorcycle wreckage service

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    motorcycle wreckage service

    Hi all,

    was wondering if there's anyone on here that has dealt with any motorcycle wreckage services before. My bike is a wreck but it only needs an ignition, stator cover, a few more things here and there and its good to go again..

    just wanted to keep my options open as to whether i should fix it up, or sell it as is...

    i really don't want to send it to the scrap yard...


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    Try Super Dave in Langley--I think his shop is called Super Sport or something like that.
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    i'll 2nd Brad at Chopshop.
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    Go see Brad he'll fix you up, no reason to scrap a bike like that!
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    Did Harps close his wrecking service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by masonjarz View Post
    Try Super Dave in Langley--I think his shop is called Super Sport or something like that.
    Yah - Dave is awesome! It's called 'Supersport Motorcycle Works'.

    They have tons of parts - but go down there in person. They are so busy that if you phone, they may not serve you as quickly as if you went there in person.


    Good luck!
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