I've purchased a Honda Jazz scooter in July 02 but I have no use for it now - I'm gonna bite the cost and sell the bike. This scooter is great for summer pleasure or within city shopping (it has a reasonably large storage space that could fit a full-face helmet!
For some people that have extremely high insurance payments, a scooter could easily reduce that.
The bike is in an excellent shape with only 320km, pratically new.
You could get a brand new one from Richmond Motor sports for $2499 +tax and levy, comes out to be $2980. (becuase the prices are very strict for scooters, prices were non-negotiable... I've tried very hard)
Insurance for the scooter is only $40 a month.

Deal: I'm selling the scooter with a brand new kbc full-face helmet ($290 with receipt) in total for $2300 firm. This is a must sell!!!
(Scooter without helmet is: $2100)
The bike is currently in Richmond motor sports, you are welcome to contact me @ nickchau@canada.com for any questions.


Efficient four-stroke engine consumes substantially less fuel and produces significantly lower exhaust emissions than a comparable two-stroke engine.
Automatic Honda V-Matic transmission complies with provincial speed and power limitations for moped classification.
Combined Brake System, CBS provides excellent stopping power.
Lightweight, sturdy aluminum chassis is recyclable and contributes to the Jazz's maneuverability and excellent fuel economy.
Lockable underseat compartment offers nearly 22 litres of storage capacity.
Lockable centerstand deters unauthorized use.