Traveling for business, how to charge for time worked?
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Thread: Traveling for business, how to charge for time worked?

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    Question Traveling for business, how to charge for time worked?

    Hey everyone,

    It looks like I might be going to Calgary with my company and coworkers to do a presentation/event to launch our product to a bunch of investors..

    Anyways, I have never traveled for work before, so I was wondering if you could clarify when I do or do not get paid.. I get paid an hourly wage so that is where it seems different for me since usually you are on salary when you go away on trips and don't have to worry about this..

    I know they would have to pay for my plane ticket (and probably hotel room), but I am mostly concerned about when do I start charging them for my time?

    Would I start from the moment I leave my house (or work) to the airport? When I am on the plane? Or only when I touch down and start working? I'm not sure how long we are going to be there and what they will expect me to do.. Do I charge them for my meals and stuff there? See I have no idea what I do in this kind of situation :P The sole purpose for me to go to Calgary is to attend our presentation dates and times and help the directors with our investors..

    I don't want to over charge them or I don't want to get gipped out of hours either.. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated

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    My company pays for hotels, meals, transportation (flight and car rental), pretty much everything.

    If you travel on a Monday when you could be working anyways, then it's kind of work time. But if you have to take a weekend day off of work, then I would book travel time or get time off in lieu of.


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    The BC Government has guidelines on this. I'll try and find the link to it.

    It really all depends on how you are being paid: hourly or salary. If you are being paid salary then they will pay you for each day you've been on the road, including travelling.

    Hourly is a bit more complicated but discuss this with your employer to determine how long your days will be.

    They should be covering meals and accomodations to a point. If you get a per diem that's great because you can spend it as you see fit. I'm allowed a certain amount for each meal and a certain number of minutes to call home if I call from the hotel.

    Again, discuss this with your employer. They may cover the costs for you or they may want you to cover the cost and get reimbursed later.
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    What we do is we'll book a flight for the person, book a hotel and obviously take care of those. We allow x amount of dollars for food per day. I'm in construction so it's a bit different then what you do but we pay straight time, you get paid when you start-finish just like if you were working locally and depending on the location we probably increase the wage. If their going to be there an extended period and want to drive we'll pay travel time and gas for the trip there and back.

    It might be totally different where you work they might pay for more then you think so you might as well get it straight from the horses mouth and ask the company. It's not a stupid question.

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    here's how it works with my company

    1. I'm on salary, and get a 60$ a day per diem. covers food and incidentals

    2. time for travel day begins when i leave my home, until i get to the airport, and vice versa for traveling back

    3. since we work at different facilities on site, hours is leaving the hotel, until i reurn, excluding the lunch break.

    4. overtime on anything after 8 hours

    5. comp day if you work a weekend

    best way to find out, what you're allowed...ask ur boss
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    Remove all doubt and ask your employer, then contrast it with provincial rules to ensure you aren't getting screwed.
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    Yeah I get paid hourly so that's where it gets a bit tricky.. I'll ask them when the time comes closer to see what they think.. But I'm just worried they might not know exactly how it works (since they are a small company, the managers are on salary and I think I am the only hourly worker).. That's why I wanted to kind of cover my butt in case I don't get everything I am supposed to..

    I couldn't find the info in the employment standards, it talks about minimum wage and if you get fired, but I couldn't find it about traveling (since its not a vacation).. Anyone knows the details?

    And hey I'll take extra days off in exchange for my weekend :P

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    As long as you're not working much more than 8 hrs/day, charge them for 8.
    They should cover "all" your expenses (meals, transportation, lodging), either by direct reimbursement via receipts, or a per diem, just make sure the per diem is enough to cover your costs. Bottom line is you should not be out of pocket.

    If your going to be working much more than 8 hrs per day, discuss it with them to come to a common understanding, but don't expect to get paid for 8 hrs straight and 8 OT every day....
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    Consider that your travel time to/from the airport could be considered to be your "commute" that day, so don't expect to get paid from the time you leave your house until you get back there. The time spent in the evening in Calgary when your boss takes you out to dinner (if it's an overnight flight), is really personal time too.

    Time spent flying commercially is time you can't really spend doing your own thing. So I say your time spent from the time of arrival at the airport until the time you leave the airport at the other end belongs to the company, charge them accordingly.

    Practically speaking, I would say keep track of it all, and at the end of the day bill them for some percentage of it. If you like your job and the company, and you were able to watch that movie you've been meaning to watch while you were on the flight, then only bill them for half of it, for example.
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    I suggest you look for your employer's travel guideline. Otherwise, speak to a more experienced co-worker who is not your direct supervisor.

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    Travel time should definitely be paid, we usually do a 4 hour minimum and that covers most travel. Usually starts from a bit before the flight leaves, until you're in your hotel or otherwise off duty. So if you catch a flight in the morning and go straight to work from the destination airport, you're paid straight through. Sometimes travel time doesn't count towards overtime though.

    We will commonly negotiate a day rate based on 10 hours time, and if it's long days then the hours add on. 8 hours paid for a "day off" in another location, if I can't be at home and have the day as mine then damn right they're paying me for it.

    It goes without saying that the company covers all the hard costs (flight, hotel, rental car, taxis) and there's a daily perdiem that is appropriate for the city (i.e. more in Whistler than Nelson).

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    I charge from the time I leave my house until I arrive at the hotel that night.

    Expense everything from Timmie's in the morning to dinner & drinks in the evening. Our travel time is paid out at STRAIGHT time. Anything over 8hrs in a day (less travel) is charged @ 1.5x/hourly rate.

    Only thing that sucks with my company is that we have to pay everything out of pocket and then submit expenses. Until I started here I had always been give the company CC, hotel & airfare were always prepaid I just had to show up with ID.
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    1) talk to ur employer.
    2) if you are on an hourly, make sure you write down a time sheet to cover your ass.. it will also give you more credibility and makes you look more professional
    3) keep all receipts, food, drinks, taxi.... even any functions to treat your customers with.. eg// movies, shows, misc. items..etc.
    4) if you are driving your OWN car, then you need to ask your company how much they pay per mile. I think anything 40-50cent / km (i think) is pretty generous.
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    Many goo dpoints here to consider. Main thing would be - and you will hear this lots in life- communication.

    Dont leave it to the last moment as then they can feel cornered.

    I worked in construction and other industries for years often going out of town to do jobs.

    The most important thing I ever learned was......

    - they will take whatever you give and in the end it isnt remembered,
    - be fair but stand up fpr yourself (firm but fair- youve heard that before I am sure)
    - never leave issues like time off and money to sit or both parties could end up being resentful.

    just my little bit

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