.... is THE place to be for some great racing.

Saturday, June 16th is the first race in the newly formed RPM Motard racing series right here in the lower mainland. At present things are well in hand but we can use a couple of extra volunteers for marshalling or other helpful trackside duties. If you're interested in seeing this amazing form of motorcycle racing up close and personal then PM Sliver via the thread in this link....


Also on Sunday the Pacific Coast Mini Racing club will be out at Tradex for the "shrunken bike" racing. While the bikes may be small the cojones of the guys and gals riding them are fully up to size and no quarter is either expected or given. This is one very approachable form of racing with a surprsingly cheap costs both for getting set up as well as for running costs.

Both events will be great fun and you're encouraged to drop by and have a look. THis is grass roots local club racing at it's best and if you're at all interested be sure to drop into the pits and ask us how much it costs to get into it. It's likely lower than you think but I can assure you it is way more fun than you can imagine.