Im selling my gaming PC which is only 5 months old. I do not use it like i should at all. The only downside to this machine is that the DVDrom wont read properly, but its a cheapy anyways so ill leave it in just incase. I am looking for 2200 obo for the package or a semi trade for an xbox 360 package and cash.

AMD athlon 64x2 2.4ghz 4600+ Duo
1 GB buffalo select DDR Ramx2 (2 gig total)
EVGA Nforce 4 gaming motherboard
2x Gforce 7950 (512 mb) vid cards (SLI)
sata 500gb HD
antec 900 gaming case with fans and blue LED lights galor
Zalman heatsink for the chip
OCZ 620W powersupply
For a grande total of 10 fans through out the PC
Dell 22" widescreen LCD (model E228wfp)
Logitech G15 Keyboard
Logitech mx518 mouse

please email me if interested.

i willalso email pics if needed.