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    Joe Rocket 3.0 Pants

    I bought the Joe Rocket ballistic 3.0 riding pants from BK back in April and since then I have had to have the right knee pad area repaired twice because the stitching has come loose and ripped. I found this a massive inconvenience timewise to have to bring them to the tailors and have them repaired, so I recently e-mailed Joe Rocket and they told me to send the pants back to their office in Ontario and they would replace them free of charge with the new Joe Rocket ballistic 4.0 pants. They told me that they eradicated the stitching problem with these these new 4.0 pants. Anyway, I just want to know if anyone else has had this same problem with their Joe Rocket 3.0 pants and if so you should e-mail Joe Rocket and get them to send you the new 4.0 pants.
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    I had a pair of those earlier this year and found them really slippery on the bike: under braking I would slide right into the tank. Exchanged them for leather pants and no more sliding.

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