I have two HJC helmets for sale.
I used to wear the blue HJC CL-14 last year but I got a new bike this season and bought a new helmet, HJC CL-15 Dragon.
I used to wear a medium HJC helmet so I ordered a medium helmet for the new one as well.
But for some stupid reason the new medium HJC CL-15 Dragon is smaller than the older medium CL-14. Now I need to order a large CL-15.
I've worn the blue CL-14 for about 3 months last season and the new CL-15 is straight out of the box. I've tried it on once but never used it because it was too small for me, it even has the sticker on the visor still.

Both helmets are for sale.

Medium Black HJC CL-15 Dragon (never been used, comes with origial stickers still on and the original box as well) $160

Medium Blue HJC CL-14 (used for 3 months last season) $90

Call Jeff @ 604 837 2669 or email bonx00@hotmail.com
I don't check PM too often.