What do you guys think?
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Thread: What do you guys think?

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    What do you guys think?

    I need your help and tell me if this is a good deal
    1996 zx7r
    marchesini rims
    carbon fibre full muzzy
    carbon fibre rear tail
    carbon intake
    purple speedscreen
    Kn jet kit I think
    38mm carbs
    custom paint
    520 chain sprockets
    200/17 Pirelli Dragons
    and other goodies

    15,000 km

    $7300 should I go for it? or look at a used GSXR or CBR?
    how much do marchesini rims go for?

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    That sounds like a pretty fair deal. The rims alone probably cost him 2 grand. What colour is the bike? If it looks good and is in good shape mechanically, go for it!

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    I posted on this thread and it's GONE now. Adam, Jim??????

    Anyway, that's a KILLER deal. The Marchesini's alone are worth about $3000 Cdn. And I don't know what the deal is with the carbs but if they were mentioned as a feature find out if they are flatslide Keihins. If so then there's another $1400. And then there are all those other bits to sweeten the pot.

    If you don't mind having another 7R then you could do a LOT worse than this one. I've see box stock 7R's going for that much with way higher mileage to boot.
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