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    In case you didn't know

    Every now and again I come across people who have never even heard of the residential school atrocities that happened in Canada. It is a formidable piece of our history that cannot be overlooked, essentially genocide. If you don't know what it's about, at least check out the wiki info. I don't know if they're teaching it in school now, but I certainly didn't know about it until after school. Anybody know any personal stories?

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    Hrm, churches and religion to blame ya say, hrmmmmm?
    Noooooo, not my dear friend jesus and his loyal followers! say it ain't so!
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    ya it's sad.. Canada has quite a few black marks on its history and is not as pristine as generally perceived.

    did you also know a Canadian batallion of soldiers towards the end of WWII looted an abandoned town in Belgium? (the Canadian government and military deny it). Odd considering Canada is so loved there for liberating the region.
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    Not interested.

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    My great Grandmother was Cree from Saskatchewan. The official story is that she was "found" wandering the prairie as a young child and taken to a residential school. The fact is no one knows where exactly she came from.

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    Every country has a history. But its in the past, right. On another note, at least were not like the middle east, were they wouldn't hesitate to saw my head off in front of a camera and post it on youtube. I'm sure glad to be here, and dam fuckin proud of country! OH CANADA.

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    im living in kimberley right now, there is a new casino/golf course (a few years old now) built near a reserve with a residential school museum. I took a tour with a man who had actually been in the residential school. His story was absolutely amazing. I would recommend checking it out if you're ever near cranbrook/kimberley... I'm not sure if the museum portion is still running, i dont think it got a lot of visitors. But i'm sure there are people there that could give you some info on what it was really all about.

    oh yeah, the course is st. eugene mission. This place is golf heaven.

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