I'm selling my Joe Rocket gear, I just got a new leather jacket, and the rear zipper that connects it to pants is reversed so it's not compatible with my pants.

So, I'll sell the whole set.

Why is the set so cheap? Well the jacket is well used over the last three years. The pants not as much...

The details are:
Jacket - Joe Rocket Ballistic Series Meteor 4 - Medium
- removable inner lining (makes for a great summer jacket, and a warm winter jacket)
- Plenty of ventilation via zippers and such (patent pending it says...)
- elbow/shoulder/back armour (foam but replaceable)
- 3M reflective strips for great night time visiblity
- Condition: Well worn, slight oder when wet (I hear ozoning will help with this), white stripe is more of a grey stripe, slight scuffing in a couple places.
- Still offers plenty of protection.

Pants - Joe Rocket ballistic Series Dry Tech - Medium
- Purchased about a year ago
- Zipper links pants with jacket nicely
- Zippers all the way up the sides of the legs offers ease of use (and helpful in hot weather)
- Pretty much waterproof (minus the crotch area if you sit in such a way to cause a "puddle" around the nether regions)
- Lower back and Knee armour (knees are replaceable)
- 3M reflective strips on lower legs help night visibility
- Good condition overall, used but not really abused, the inner clip is broken (like those fancy dress pants), but the zipper + Velcro belt keep the pants on fine.

gear is important! This is a very cheap way to get up and running safely for all you new riders!!

I'm 5'10" 165pounds (normal asian guy build) just for reference

So, I'm selling them as a set for $150, I'd like to sell them as a set, but if you only want one, we could probably work something out.

Sorry my mom is borrowing my camera, I'll put up pix when I get the chance!

- Joseph